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With the internet connecting everyone across the world, online casino gaming has grown rapidly since its birth in the nineties. Now, with the buzz of online gaming at its peak, great casino games like Video Poker have proven themselves as some of the best online gambling around. Combining the easy, enjoyable slots gameplay and the betting thrills of Poker it is not hard to see the extraordinary potential that this online casino game holds. So, to the casino gamers across America, this is the place to be for the best in quality USA online casinos.

In a world without internet casinos riveted their players with the attraction of multiple gambling options all in one place. Now, with the online world as prominent as it is the online casinos are able to offer players more than ever in terms of variations and bonuses. This vast library births more and more games, each with their own twists, designs and jackpots and the true winners are the players. One of the greatest of these varying and amazingly diverse games is Video Poker. This is largely due to the fundamental allure of the game’s design. Two great games have been combined into one: online slot machines and poker games online, a combination that has anyone who’s played either dance with joy at the prospect. America, the game that has rocked the online world for as long as there has been one, is not only available here but also rated, reviewed and raved about.

For those unfortunate to not have played this online marvel of a game, the rules will follow. So to those familiar and eager to dive in do so now! Firstly this game is based upon the long running and much loved Poker, of which there are multiple varieties, but the fundaments remain the same. With a basic grasp of the ranks of cards and the varying combinations that players can form in Video Poker the rest of the game comes down to counting the Jackpots. Card values follow standard Poker numbering with 2 being the lowest and Ace the highest. This means that a pair of Jacks beats a pair of tens and so forth. The combinations however are where the game really gets exciting. Leading with the lowest combinations players will find themselves encountering a pair, two of same value,  two pair, three of a kind, a straight, which is five consecutive cards, a flush, five of the same suit, a full house, which is two of a kind and three of a kind, four of a kind, , and finally (Royal) straight flush. The last combo awards the players the highest Jackpots that the game has to offer.

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More Great Benefits at Video Poker Online Casinos

Amongst the basics involved players will find varying versions of Video Poker that feature different gameplay styles and rewards. As well as the great promotional and welcome bonuses that many of these great casino sites offer American players will be able to play in complete comfort on most any available platforms as Download or online. The games are also extremely fair and are operated through a Random Number Generator. This leaves one last perk, safety. The casinos here encrypt transactions and private information so players can gamble in a completely secure environment.

So, America, if online Video Poker is not already on the favorites list its time to start playing at one of the casinos that we recommend now!