Enjoy Sic bo Games Online in US

The true beauty of the internet is that it connects everyone across the world. This collective connection allows everyone to share and view all sorts of interesting things that would otherwise not be possible. And this benefit is directly felt by the online casino world, which can now connect all varieties of gambling games to the players who want to play them. This has resulted in an extensive growth of overall USA online casino variety as popular casino games from each and every country can now be enjoyed by the world. With this revelation comes the great Chinese dice game classic, Sic bo.

Translated as ‘small big’ this ancient China originating game has been around and thriving for centuries. Now with the online sharing capabilities available today, the world has grown aware of this beautiful game and the buzz around it is only growing bigger. Still maintaining the same structure as it has throughout the years, Sic bo is a game that relies predominantly on luck, but players with a bit of knowledge and experience can shift the odds in their favor. This can be particularly lucrative as this game offers excellent and fair odds, so the players who take the time to understand the full array of betting options available will certainly be rewarded.

Now for the rules. To those who haven’t experienced the game, Sic bo consists of three die and players bet on the outcomes of these die. Again this game is completely based on chance so even beginners will find the game rewarding. Similar in a sense to Craps online this game has a lot simpler and easier to grasp betting options. Ultimately there are six main types of bets but as online casino games can and do vary from site to site, and even within sites, players can expect to bump into versions that have extra or different betting options.

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Rules of Online Sic bo

The standard bet in online Sic bo is the big or small bet. As straightforward as it sounds this is a wager on the sum total of the three die. That is to say that small wins if the total is less than ten, and big wins if greater than 11. However if a triple, that is the same number on each dice, is rolled the house wins. Players also have the option to bet on odds or evens, as well as the individual sum total of the three die which varies with the respective odds of each number appearing. Players will also have the option to, like the house during the big or small bet, wager on a triple. The payout of such an unlikely occurrence is understandably very large. Players are also able to bet on the more likely double, which is reminiscent of the triple except that only two of the dice need to be the same number to win. Finally players can wager either on the exact number rolled or on an individual number set. The former holds 15 combinations on just two of the three die. The latter, and perhaps the favorite bet for most, is where players pick a number between 1 and 6 and win according to the number of die rolling it.

In summation America, this is a game that has survived the centuries for a reason and now that the world can play it easily and lucratively there is no reason not to. Roll away with Sic bo and win big online casino bonuses!